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Frequently Asked Questions

Who uses Emory Centers services?

Our services, including technical assistance, products and tools, and trainings, are used by public health professionals at the national, state, and community levels. You can learn more about the services available by consulting the How We Can Help and Focus Areas sections of this website.

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What services do the Emory Centers provide?

We concentrate our efforts on helping organizations master the information and skills necessary to plan, conduct, and evaluate public health programs and policy activities. Our websites are repositories of information and key resources on diabetes and tobacco prevention and control, and our services span across all public health issues, risk factors, and professional competencies.

For individualized or unique program challenges, our staff are available to provide advice, content expertise, or facilitation on topics such as strategic planning, evaluation, cultural competence, policy and advocacy, communications, sustainability, and comprehensive tobacco control programming. We offer standardized onsite or web-based trainings and self study materials, as well as customized trainings when a careful assessment of a client’s needs indicates that specialized training is required. You can learn more about what we offer by viewing the How We Can Help section of this website or contacting us.

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What makes the Emory Centers’ services unique?

Many organizations provide excellent services to the fields of diabetes prevention and tobacco control. Rather than duplicate these efforts, the Emory Centers strives to fill a unique niche by providing subject matter expertise, as well as quality training and technical assistance grounded in an acute understanding of adult learning. We also work closely to coordinate services with other national organizations that provide specialized trainings.

With our highly trained cadre of staff and consultants, and many years specializing in training and technical assistance services, we are uniquely qualified to customize training and technical assistance services to meet the specific yet varied needs of people and organizations who contact us. The Emory Centers bridge gaps and limitations that may result among the many different providers or training programs and technical assistance programs. People often come to us as a first stop when they don’t know where else to go, or the last stop when they haven’t been able to find the help they need anywhere else. Either way, we are uniquely situated to provide the help needed.

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How much do the Emory Centers’ services cost?

The Emory Centers team will work with you to create specialized services just for your organization that will fit your needs, even on a limited budget. Contact us today for customized information.

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To learn more about the Emory Centers, please explore our website, especially these pages: