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Athletic Facilities
Buffer Zones
Cigar Bars
Day Care
Duties of Proprietors
Employee (defined)
Enclosed (defined)
Gaming Facilities
Governmental Cooperation (Comity)
Health Care Facilities
Native American Ritual Tobacco Use
Non-Preemption Clause
Outdoor Areas
Patios and Other Outdoor Seating
Place of Employment
Private Clubs
Retail Tobacco Stores
Rulemaking Authority
Smoking (defined)
Health Benefits
Economic Impact
Legal Issues
Developing Smokefree Implementation Regulations
Introduction to Smokefree Rulemaking
Implementation Language
Background for Lawyers
Timeline and Tools
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Welcome to Developing Smokefree Implementation Regulations (DSIR). This website has background information, tools, and links to help draft and adopt effective smokefree implementation regulations. These materials were developed for state and local health departments, but are also intended for anyone working in tobacco control.

If you are already involved in tobacco control but are new to rulemaking, start with our Introduction to Smokefree Rulemaking. If you are an attorney who is learning about tobacco policy, start with our Background for Lawyers. Timeline and Tools places rulemaking in the context of smokefree implementation planning and the Checklist summarizes key steps in the rulemaking process. You will also find models and examples of effective implementation language covering the most common implementation issues facing health and enforcement agencies.

For help using this website, or technical assistance with smokefree rulemaking or implementation click this link to request TA or contact TTAC at (404) 712-8474 or