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Carolinas HealthCare System's award winning program on target to screen 50,000 for prediabetes in 2014

How do you aim for the lofty goal of screening 50,000 people for prediabetes in a year?

The answer from one southern healthcare system and its community partners is the Pre-D Challenge.

With over one million people affected by Type 2 diabetes in the Carolinas, the Carolinas HealthCare System and YMCA of Greater Charlotte partnered to launch the Pre-D Challenge, an initiative to identify people at elevated risk for developing Type 2 diabetes and prevent the onset of the disease.

The first group of Lifestyle Coaches trained by Carolinas HealthCare System trained by the Diabetes Training and Technical Assistance Center (DTTAC), October 2013

Starting in November 2013, people at area YMCA branches and other community gathering places were asked to complete a questionnaire to identify those at risk for developing diabetes. Those with elevated risk were given a free blood test to check their blood sugar levels. Individuals diagnosed with prediabetes were invited to enroll in evidence-based lifestyle-change programs that are recognized by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and proven to reduce participant’s risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.

Carolinas HealthCare System’s Pre-D Challenge, by the numbers:

As of September 2014,

  • 49,099 risk assessments completed - 98% of goal
  • 24,895 people identified at risk – 250% of goal
  • 16,270 A1C tests administered – 163% of goal
  • 196 National Diabetes Prevention Program Lifestyle Change Program participants recruited - 65% of goal

To date, 18 Lifestyle Change groups have been formed, and six more will begin soon. The program results are beginning to come in from the existing groups, and are remarkable. In fact, the Pre-D Challenge recently won the HealthCare in Excellence Award from the Charlotte Business Journal. The Pre-D Challenge wraps up October 31, so the Carolinas Healthcare staff continue to work hard to meet the Risk Assessment and NDPP Goals.

How did they do it?

With at least 54 Lifestyle Coaches trained by the Diabetes Training and Technical Assistance Center (DTTAC), Carolinas Healthcare has more coaches trained than any other healthcare organization is ready to meet the demand for the Lifestyle Change Program being generated by the Pre-D Challenge. Says Maria G. Reese, MS, Corporate Community Benefit Director at Carolinas Healthcare System, “We are so proud of the program and couldn’t have done it without DTTAC’s support and guidance.”

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