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Are you Master Trainer Select material?

Choosing the right person to train Lifestyle Coaches for your organization

The skills of Lifestyle Coaches are key to successful implementation of the National Diabetes Prevention Program Lifestyle Change program. Having quality coaches begins with participating in a quality Lifestyle Coach training, and a continuous commitment to learning through applied experience.

Just as having the right Lifestyle Coach can make all the difference to the participant’s engagement with the program, having the right Master Trainer Select is essential to having a quality training within your organization. While the skills of a Lifestyle Coach and Master Trainer are similar, not every great Lifestyle Coach makes for a great Master Trainer. 

So, how do you know if your Lifestyle Coach is a good fit to become a Master Trainer Select?

First, does your Lifestyle Coach meet the minimum requirements? Minimally, a Master Trainer Select candidate is required to:

  • Be affiliated with an organization that has pending or full CDC recognition
  • Have completed formal Lifestyle Coach training
  • Have direct experience with the in-person delivery of the lifestyle change program, having led at least one group of participants through the yearlong program prior to attending the Master Trainer Select Institute. The preferred candidate will have facilitated more than one group.


Next, beyond providing information to coaches about the lifestyle change program, its content and delivery process, Master Trainer Select is always thinking on her feet and 10 steps ahead. The Master Trainer is strategically looking for opportunities to utilize questions that arise in training to role model facilitation skills. Additionally, the Master Trainer is intentionally creating a group environment in the training that mirrors the ideal environment that Lifestyle Coaches are asked to create with their participant groups.

Finally, a Master Trainer Select must be able to speak to how scaling the lifestyle change program through their Master Trainer efforts fits within the broader strategies within their organization. Therefore, organizations are urged to consider looking beyond just the minimal requirements for the Master Trainer Select progam when identifying a Lifestyle Coach for this important role.

The following competencies are ideal in a quality Master Trainer:

  • Ability to facilitate versus teach
  • Understanding of adult learning theories
  • Ability to provide constructive criticism
  • Ability to model group facilitation skills
  • Experience using varied instructional methods
  • Demonstrates understanding of and commitment to program and training fidelity

What’s next?

If your organization wants to train a Lifestyle Coach as a Master Trainer Select,

  • Make sure the Lifestyle Coach has:
    • Completed a Lifestyle Coach Training
    • Successfully led at least one group through the yearlong lifestyle change program.
  • Apply to the Master Trainer Select program.  Click here for more information about the Master Trainer Select program and application process.

If you do not have a Lifestyle Coach that meets the minimum requirements, or if your organization does not have the long-term need or capacity to keep a Master Trainer Select on staff, consider hosting a Lifestyle Coach Training session for your group and other neighboring organizations in your region with an expert DTTAC Master Trainer. Contact us and ask us how.  

Contact us for more details about these training programs, or sign up to receive our Lifestyle Coach Training Newsletter to stay informed about future training opportunities.

Congratulations to all DTTAC Master Trainers Select!