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Planning, Evaluation & Quality Improvement

The Planning, Evaluation & Quality Improvement Center is a dedicated center within the Emory Centers for Training and Technical Assistance.

Highlights of the PEQI Center’s capabilities and current capacity-building initiatives include:


  • Create and implement evaluation plans
  • Apply utilization-focused evaluation so results are used to support continuous quality improvement and demonstrate results of resource investments
  • Develop clear reports and dissemination strategies to make findings accessible and actionable

Developmental Evaluation & Design Thinking

  • Apply a creative problem-solving approach (systems thinking) to program development that encourages innovation
  • Support informed decision-making as part of the design, development, and implementation of public health strategies

Strategic Action Planning

  • Use the Know-Plan-Go framework to facilitate collaborative planning processes
  • Assess and analyze current and desired state
  • Support operations for inclusive planning to create stakeholder buy-in
  • Create a practical, realistic roadmap for the program’s future
  • Engage stakeholders in supporting plan implementation

>> Learn more about our Know - Plan - Go planning process

Quality & Process Improvement

  • Assess the implementation, operations, and delivery of a service or program
  • Use quality improvement (QI) techniques help create a maximum value by reducing waste and inefficiencies

Consultation & Technical Assistance

  • Provide phone, web, or in-person consultation
  • Provide input on evaluation design, methods, and analysis to streamline evaluation efforts, maximize rigor, and overcome challenges
  • Advise on planning processes to ensure stakeholder buy-in

>> Learn more about our approach to technical assistance.

Training Workshops & Webinars

Deliver in-person and online training to build capacity in evaluation design and methods, design thinking, planning processes, quality improvement, and informatics

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Sample Services

  • Evaluation scoping and evaluation plan development
    • Revision and adaptation of evaluation plans
    • Indicator and metric development
  • Needs assessments, formative evaluations, and summative evaluations
  • Strategic planning
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Business process analysis
  • Usability studies for information systems
  • Data collection
    • Survey design, questionnaire development
    • Interviews, observations, focus groups
  • Data visualization, reporting and recommendations
    • Redesign of charts and visualizations
    • Report writing and results presentation development
    • Generating recommendations and after-action/improvement plans