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DTTAC Advance Webinars

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DTTAC Advance™: Advanced Learning for Lifestyle Coaches, Program Coordinators, and Master Trainers

DTTAC Advance™ Webinars help sharpen competencies of trained Lifestyle Coaches, Program Coordinators, and Master Trainers to help their organizations successfully deliver the National Diabetes Prevention Program (National DPP) lifestyle change program.

These advanced learning webinars are designed to be a complement to Lifestyle Coach Training and are NOT a substitute for formal training. They are open to those who have been formally trained either by DTTAC or another approved National DPP training provider.


DTTAC Advance™ Webinars address the following competencies:

Advanced Learning Competencies 

Live and On-Demand Webinars
You can either register to attend a live webinar or view an on-demand webinar recording at your convenience.

The individual price is $50 per person, payable by credit card only. The group discount for 5 or more is $45 per person, payable by credit card (preferred) or invoice. To sponsor several individuals in a large network, please contact

Customized Webinars & Workshops

DTTAC can customize webinar offerings to meet your needs. Any webinar or combination of webinars can be done as an in-person workshop or as part of a virtual conference. Contact us at to see how we can help meet your needs.


Live Webinars

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Brilliant Beginnings: Making the most of sessions 0-5!

Competency: Program Implementation
Thursday, January 23rd, 2020 @1:00pm-2:30pm ET
The ways in which an organization and Lifestyle Coach plans for and delivers the first weeks of the National DPP Lifestyle change program can help or hinder a participant's engagement in the lifestyle change program.  This webinar will help lifestyle coaches and program coordinators prepare to deliver their first lifestyle change program sessions in an intentional and engaging way. Experienced Lifestyle Coaches will share their lessons learned and best practices for the first few weeks of the lifestyle change program to increase the likelihood of engaging and keeping participants in the program for the long haul.
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Health Equity and the DPP: An Introduction

Competency: Diversity & Inclusion
Thursday, February 27th, 2020 @1:00pm-2:30pm ET  
Inequities are all around us and experienced differently by different groups of people. Understanding the basis for the inequities is key for organizations and Lifestyle Coaches to implement and deliver the National DPP in such a way that enables all participants to reap the benefits of risk reduction. In this introductory webinar on health equity,  Lifestyle Coaches will learn the foundation for inequities that exist in diabetes, what contributes to these inequities, and potential problems that individual participants are facing on their journey toward a healthy lifestyle.  Resources for understanding health equity in communities as well as practices for implementing and delivering a National DPP program that is inclusive for all participants will be discussed. 
*Future webinars will expand on health equity and explore best practices for addressing contributing factors such as the social determinants of health, bias and lack of cultural competency.
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On-Demand Webinars

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Competency: The Science of Change

Challenge of Change: Understanding and supporting participant behavior change

>>Explore ways that organizations and Lifestyle Coaches can optimize their role in supporting participants’ weight loss and physical activity goals.

Language Traps in Lifestyle Coaching

>>Learn more and register for this webinar to learn how group discussions can make or break the building of trusted relationships and open communication necessary for a successful lifestyle change program. 

The DPP and 4 P's of Behavior Change: Applying behavioral economics to the lifestyle change program

>>Learn more about this webinar on helping participants address psychological barriers to making healthy choices.


Competency: Program Implementation

Liven Up Your Lifestyle Change 

 >>Learn more and register for this webinar on adding fun and creative energy to your sessions!

Tick Tock Tips: Time Management in the Lifestyle Change Program

>>Join us for this webinar to hear some tips and tricks for managing the many important tasks of facilitating the lifestyle change program. A practical and logistical webinar for new Lifestyle Coaches! 

The Trouble with Tracking: Strategies for participant and Lifestyle Coach success with food tracking

>>Learn more about the challenges of food tracking for both DPP participants and Lifestyle Coaches. Register to learn about helpful tips for providing feedback, encouraging tracking, low literacy, and even download handouts! 

Wait, Wait, Don't Leave! Participant retention in the lifestyle change program

>>Learn more and register for this webinar on participant retention.


Competency: Diversity & Inclusion

The Dollar Store and the DPP

>>Learn more and register for this webinar on helping participants succeed in the program despite challenges around food access and food insecurity.

Outside City Limits 2: Delivering the Lifestyle Change Program in Rural and Frontier Communities

>>Continuing the conversation DTTAC began in 2015, this webinar will examine the experiences of Lifestyle Coaches and Program Coordinators who deliver the National DPP in rural communities. Panelists will share their successes, challenges and resources for rural program delivery. 


Competency: Group Dynamics & Facilitation

Calories, Fat & Carbs, Oh My! Nutrition strategies, controversies, and sanity in the lifestyle change program

>>Learn more and register for this webinar about how to support participants through the non-restrictive, non-prescriptive approach to nutrition and lifestyle change used in the lifestyle change program.

Motivational Interviewing (MI) in Groups: Applying your MI skills in a group setting

>>Learn more and register for this webinar on applying motivational interviewing in a group setting to maximize participant engagement and group support.

Lifestyle Coach Facilitation Refresher

>>Learn more and register for this webinar to refresh your skills as a Lifestyle Coach.

Groovin' Groups: Group dynamics and challenges in the lifestyle change program

>>Learn more and register for this webinar on addressing common group dynamics challenges faced by Lifestyle Coaches.