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Diabetes Today: Planning for Coalition Action

About Diabetes Today

Diabetes Today: Planning for Coalition Action takes a comprehensive approach to developing the knowledge and skills to organize a strong coalition and develop an effective action plan for diabetes prevention and control at the state or community level. Diabetes Today allows the trainer to tailor an interactive workshop that matches participants’ specific needs in the areas of:

  1. Determining and understanding the burden of diabetes in the community
  2. Organizing a community coalition
  3. Developing effective strategies and action plans

The Diabetes Today training is intended for state and community-level public health practitioners and their community partners. There are 2 formats for this training:

  • State or community level public health practitioners are trained on coalition building and action planning, then return to their communities to teach these skills to others.
  • State or community level public health practitioners attend the training with their community partners to work on an action plan in their particular community.

While this training uses diabetes examples, the skills learned here can be used for planning across all chronic disease areas.

There are 4 components to the Diabetes Today training:

  • Pre-Assessment – before coming to the workshop, participants complete an online self-assessment to identify their needs and capacity. This information allows the trainer to tailor the workshop content to the group.
  • Online Tutorials – before coming to the workshop, participants work through a series of six self-paced online tutorials, which provide an overview of the basic knowledge a participant is expected to possess prior to attending the workshop.
  • Designer Workshop – the workshop takes place in person over the course of 2 days and is tailored to the participants’ needs. The workshop is a dynamic learning experience which allows participants to practice skills, apply knowledge, and engage with one another to share ideas and insight. Participants complete a mock action plan in preparation for actual work they will do when they return to their community. The workshop builds on and reinforces information reviewed in the online tutorials.
  • Ongoing Technical Assistance & Learning Community (optional) – This learning community is available to provide additional technical assistance related to developing and sustaining coalition health, group facilitation, policy development, and action plan implementation and evaluation.

How to Receive Training

If you are interested in receiving training on Diabetes Today, please contact DTTAC at for more information. We can set up local, regional, or Atlanta-based trainings depending on the number of people being trained.

If you have experience with training on Diabetes Today and would like to become a DTTAC Diabetes Today Master Trainer, please contact